Are you sure you’re on the right path? At Stonemark, our goal is to help you build a solid foundation for your future.

Our complimentary review evaluates your current situation, determines if we believe that you're headed in the right direction and compares how your current portfolio stands up to our management approach.

Let us show you our strength in advice by providing a side-by-side comparison to see if your portfolio is performing at optimal levels, in our opinion.


We start with your goals, defining them as they relate to your lifestyle, family, business, and aspirations. By working with you, we then translate them into a risk profile unique to your situation.



We gather and evaluate your information to create a comprehensive financial picture. We summarize your balance sheet, current investments, existing estate planning strategies, tax situation, and any other financial assets that impact your wealth.



We then leverage the strength of our investment strategies to create a potential Stonemark portfolio. We show how your assets could be invested and more importantly, we show how these strategies support your goals.